Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Blue rug

New project and several firsts:
- first rug
- first cotton rug warp
- first rug shuttle
- first temple

For the rug I used:
Warp: Cotton Rug warp - Seine Twine 12/6
             255 ends at 1.80 m each
             10 epi  in 25" reed (Rigid Heddle loom)
Weft: Blue bulky acrylic yarn I bought on sale

Length in the loom was  136 cm, off the loom - 123 cm, minus 10%

I tucked the hems under the rug and sew them

The rug is ready, however, it turned out a bit thinner than I expected. Now I am thinking it may be better used as a small blanket... 

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