Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Machine quilting experience

Some time ago I decided to try my hand in free-motion machine embroidery. I even bought paper paper stancils to help me.
To tell you the truth the very first try was a complete fiasco, I could not make even two stitches in a straight line, so I gave up and quilted the whole blanket by hand.

I was quite pleased with the result:

However, I still wanted to learn to machine quilt.
November. Second attempt. Total desaster.
I was quilting like I was drunk and the fabric failed to move under my hands, even stipples-made-easy did not help.
Shameful result:

Practice should help, I thought, and tried some more "waving" on either side of the leaves line, and voila, stitches became more organised.

In the end I outlined the leaves again and finished off with the determination that more and more practice will be required to achieve some good result.