Thursday, January 16, 2014

Precious moments quilt. Total make-over

Back in 2002 I cross-stitched and later sewed a small quilt based on Precious Moments in Miniature booklet. I did not have quality patchwork fabrics and had vague understanding of how to piece a quilt. The fabrics used are those found in my mother's stash as well as left-overs from previous sewing projects. Nevertheless, this little quilt was my good compainion for many years. No wonder after more than ten years of service it required good repair - total make-over, I would say.

First step - saving crossed-stitched patched; they are the only part of the old quilt to be used in the new one. Next one - shaving...
 And after:

All 24 squares are rescued:

I used Classic Dainties Scrap Bag from Keepsake Quilting for the top of the quilt and floral flannel as backing.

Let the work begins!

Final arrangement and result!

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