Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Blue rag rug

My first rag rug was supposed to be woven from fabric strips. But I could not dare to cut five yards of cotton I bought at specially for this purpose. Some of the fabric was used for terry towelettes. The rest is stashed.

For this rug I bought some blue-grey T-yarn similar to Hoooked Zpagetti.

Project details:
Warp - thick sewing thread in black, red and lilac (doubled).
12" heddle sleyed every other hole giving around 5 epi

Weft - T-yarn in dark blue, blue and gray.

Regardless all my efforts and constant use of the temple, the edge turned out weavy. Partially I blame the yarn as each colour had a different degree of elasticity.
On the whole I am happy with the result - the rug is very thick and soft and spongy!
Finished size - 185 x 59.

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