Thursday, February 19, 2015

Direct warping for waffle weave

I am not a warping girl. Love to weave - hate to warp.
Direct warping  is the reason why I like my rigid-heddle loom.
So, one night I had an idea -  why not use the direct warping method on a table loom.
And I tried.
To make my life at least a bit easier, I used thin 20/2 unmercerised cotton doubled.
Waffle napkins will be in tea-stain colour with a colourful twist.
Below are the colours I used.

Here is the direct warping in practice.
I threaded heddles and reed at the same time.
I thought this will be easier than using a warping board. My mistake!

Regardless all the difficulties and back pain, I have a successful finish. More than that - I managed to finish all the warping without a single mistake and my first 12 picks looked like a real waffle.

And here is my pretty stripes. I decided to make them only at one side of the napkin.

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