Friday, June 26, 2015

A Touch of Spring towels

I forgot to take a photo of the kit from Cotton Clouds when I received it but here what is left after measuring the warp.
Natural cottons at the top are for the weft.

One day when I finally learn to dress my loom evenly - I would become the happiest person.
But as for now - I have to put up with loose/tight ends during the weaving.
There is one really bad thing about this kit. It took me two weeks to set the warp (I could do this only for a half day per week - very busy lately). But... it weaves really-really fast. I need to restrain myself from finishing too soon.
And the towels look fabulous!

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  1. I was the same way. It was such a wonderful project I hated to see it end. I finished mine yesterday and have just put them into use this morning. I love them! My brain is going a mile a minute thinking about making more in a different colorway.