Friday, October 30, 2015

Christmas chores

Some eight years ago cross-stitching was my only hobby. Happy days!
Now with all weaving, spinning, sewing, and other beautiful crafts, I find less and less time to cross-stitch. But Christmas is coming and I should get busy. As per my long lasting tradition November and December are dedicated to producing a fresh pack of holiday decorations.
I need to pick one Snowmen ornament for November and One Victorian home for December.
Which one to choose?...


  1. Oh, no......I don't have a minute to spare but now you make me want to start a holiday stitching project. I've got a little Santa just waiting for a free minute and I bet he's still tucked away come January.

  2. This sounds very familiar. Cross stitch was my first hobby but it gets crowded out now by all the other things I like to make. Looks like you have some fun ahead of you with your decision-making. I hope to devote the next two months to making decorations, too. Happy stitching!

  3. I'm so impressed! I found knitting and I haven't done any cross stitch in 10 years. Here you are not just returning but really diving in! Honestly if I get a chance to do one Holiday project this year, I'll be sooo happy. I love the Victorian home patterns, going to be be lovely!