Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spinning study

I am done with my fibre studiesFirst of all I need to say that this fun became possible only because I managed to buy several types of fibres at one place in very tiny 5g amounts. 

I bought all this staff at a felting store and I guess the flax they have is the one used for felting but not spinning. The fibres were rather short and torn. But I enjoyed spinning it and hope this will help me in spinning real linen.

It was a bit like the flax above but softer and nicer and easier to spin into a unified thread.                   

This was such a pleasure to spin, so silky and smooth.

This was combed cotton. Not as easy to spin as the easy-to-spin cotton I used to work with, but the result is really nice, smooth and shiny.

Overall, this was a very pleasant experience and I am already thinking about buying all 30 colours of cotton and hemp and maybe even 10 gram of each. And than weave a stripy something out of them...


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  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous spinning!!!! I have never ventured outside of wool and you are making me want to go dig out the cotton and flax I have somewhere in the stash.