Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Floss-tube introduced me to a lot of beautiful patterns. But I was surprised how many free beautiful patterns are out there. Brooke's Books Animal Advent Calendar is one of them.
The idea was to stitch it one hour per day from 1st to 25th day of every month, to give a bit of progress to every day animal until all of them are finished. I managed to stick to the plan for three months, in November I got anxious and decided to finish the whole thing for Christmas, completing each animal on every day of December - my personal Christmas countdown.
It did work, althought after two weeks I began to feel a bit overwhelmed.

It is stitched on 32 Belfast in Vintage blue. Fabric size is 40x70 cm, althought I should have cut at least 45-50 cm. A bit tight on the sides but I am planning to turn it into a wall-hanging next year and this should be OK.
I made slight changes, like sparkly Kreinik to the snow and star.
It was stitched from 3 August to 24 December 2016.
Last time I stitch something as cutesy as this was back in 2002 - I call them Quilt babies.

Merry Christmas and Happy Stitching!

One hour progress

Two hour progress

Three hour progress


Quilt babies


  1. Well, of course, Day 10 (the knitting lamb) is my favorite. This is an amazing project! Congratulations on the beautiful finish!!! Merry Christmas and may 2017 be another amazing year of friends, stitching and blogging.

    1. Yes, day 10 was dedicated to all us sock knitters!

  2. Beautiful! I love the idea of an advent stitching project. I have a kit that is similar and I just might have to pull it out next December-if I remember.