Monday, January 9, 2017

2017 in stitches

It looks to me, although I always was very fond of cross-stitching, this particular activity replaced all other crafts after me being introduced to floss-tube. I either need to find time for all other crafty thing or... rename my blog :)
So, my 2017 plans are
1. Open Instagram account for frequent stitching updates
2. Free early afternoons (best sunny hours) for anything but cross-stitch
3. Finish what I started in 2016
4. Create something beautiful!
I entered 2017 with one Monkey sock, 80% of latch hook rug, only 5-10% of Vermont Winter wool rug, pounds of spinning cotton and wool and 3 cross-stiching WIPs. Need to start working on those.


  1. You pick the prettiest projects! Love the sweet teapot.

  2. Good plans! You are off to a great start with those beautiful projects.
    I do love that sunny part of the afternoon for crafting. Nothing is better than natural light.

  3. Sounds like you have great plans for the year! I wish I had more time to cross stitch. You definitely inspire me to get back to it this year. Found your Instagram account. Happy to see you both places (I'm Knitncrochet on Instagram)!