Friday, June 7, 2013

Bonbon towels. First year with Schacht Flip rigid heddle loom 7/9

My loom was unavailable for so long (cotton/linen towels took me more than 5 months to weave), that I managed to weave my next project in two days from warp to wash - 8-9 December 2012.
For four finger tips towels I used Lily's Sugar'n Cream cotton yarn.

Warp: 102 ends, 2 m alternating 2 white and 2 cream ends (did not have enough yarn of either colour). 8" reed.
Weft: Lily's Sugar'n Cream Stripes Blue and Lime
Finished size: 27 x 31 cm

9 December 2012
As I was very pleased both with the process and the result, I ordered more Sugar'n Cream cotton in different colours for a complete set of my bonbon towels. The second batch was woven in February 2013.

Complete set for the bathroom.

23 February 2013


  1. These are great! Nice work! I just bought a small loom and I wonder, how did you finish off the ends between the towels? Wouldn't they just unravel if there are no knots?

    I'll wait for your answer to start… I don't want to mess things up…


    1. I hemstitch ends of the towels while they are still on the loom. Than i cut them apart leaving a short one inch fringe at both sides. They do not unravel, and after a couple of washes they fluff a bit and become very strong.
      Happy weaving! I am sure you will enjoy it.

  2. These look great! Did you warp double ends or single?