Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My pinwheel towels

Eight shaft pinwheel weave on a rigid heddle loom seems to be a very popular Pin among Pinterest weaving fellow enthusiasts, so, after some waiting period I also decided to give it a try, using 12" read and 3/2 cotton.

I am following instructions from this post, although I added a two-thread border at the beginning and the end. It seemed like a good idea, but in practice turned out to be useless and time consuming. I am thinking about getting rid of those extra threads after I am done with the first towel.

I was very excited about this design and right after warping decided to weave two first segments (8+8 picks) in order to see my beautiful pinwheels. However, I was bewildered when my result did not looked like the samples from the post. Although i was following the instructions step-by-step my pinwheels were not pinwheelly enough (no photo of the desaster). Soon I realized what the problem was. I forgot about a rigid heddle loom main feature - holes and slots!

The instructions were written for the project where the first right thread is threaded into a hole, mine was in the slot. So, instead of heddle DOWN in the 4th row and heddle UP in the 5th, I need to do reverse, first UP than DOWN.

After unhappy unpicking of 16 rows I repeated the correct order and voila... pinwheels were perfect! Almost perfect, I would say, I still trying to balance my beat. Seems a hard thing to do but the result is very satisfying.

I like picking up, I like weaving, I like every moment and try not to be in harry to enjoy the process. The result may not be posted soon.

And as of now...

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