Thursday, February 13, 2014

Another blue rug and more

I've done with the younger brother to my Blue rug.
This time I used black thick sewing thread for warp instead of twine.
I like the result better as the fabric is softer than in the first one.
I used two threads in both holes and slots which allowed me to skip threading-the-holes-in-the-heddle stage. Less time and less back pain.

It turned out that I ran out of the weft yarn too early and was left with a lot of warp, which could not be wasted but should have been put to a good use.
A ball of Lily's Sugar'n Cream Stripe came in very handy.
As I warped my 25" loom from the very beginning to the end, I decided to weave two towels simultaneously dividing the warp threads somewhere in the middle.
Note to myself: Need to buy another boat shuttle, may make weaving two things at a time easier.
The result of the experiment is below.

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