Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Today I feel like an unfortunate child of a poor victorian family.
Plying pima cotton spun onto skewers using a pastry-box lazy-kate on a newly concocted spindle made of a jumbo wooden beed and a two-pointed needle. 
Pima cotton was a part of a CottonClouds kit. It was my first attempt in carding. I spun singles too thin so to get something similar to 8/2 thickness I decided to 3-ply them. 


  1. Looks like you will get a nice workable yarn.

    Love the lady bug table runner. SO CUTE!

  2. I use boxes like that all the time for yarn projects but with old metal knitting needles. I have real lazy kates but the boxes work so much better. I get inspired to pick up the cotton I bought to spin last fall but for some reason I am terrified of it. I have an awful time with bamboo once and I think I have some lingering ptsd.

    1. Tried bamboo - did not like it. Messy and slippery. Cotton spins like a dream. I like it even more than wool.