Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Regina Marie shawl II

Last Sunday I finished my Regina Marie shawlette. Nothing to show. I should have used either different yarn or needles. In any case the shawl is unwearable because of its size. It is cute, soft and... tiny.
I haven't frogged it yet, just put aside with the rest of sock yarn. 
Yesterday i cast on a new one from a real lace yarn - KnitPicks Shimmer in Buttercream colour. Hopefully, I will have my shawl after all... in summer. 


  1. Many people said that it was a teeny tiny shawl on Ravelry and I expected it to be and mine was pretty big. I suppose the wonky handspun made the difference. I love that color for your second one. It is such a pretty pattern.

  2. Oh my disappointing. But, it looks like you have made a good start on the new one.