Thursday, June 2, 2016

Sashiko. Kind of...

I'm falling in love with Kogin embroidery.
Tried some using different materials I already have at home. Did not work well.
Second step - to buy original materials online. Not so easy. I found the fabric I need in Australia and this could be very good news but... $75 for shipment kind of putting me off. Still considering. 
However, the desire is bugging me.
So, being inspired by a fellow embroiderer, I am trying something that can be considered a combination of sashiko and kogin. It's sashiko pattern stitched by counting threads. 
I found an odd piece of 28 ct linen and linen/bamboo yarn I used for weaving towels some time ago. 

I am loving this! Although my idea of cutting corners backfired. I thought stitching over eight threads would save some time and effort - big mistake. It would be much easier to count less number of threads. Nevertheless, love every minute of the process. 


  1. It reminds me of Swedish Huck weaving. The patterns you made a very pretty.