Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Youtube is bad enough but Flosstube... is pure evil. With all those Stitch Maynias, rotations and WIP I lost myself. And hot and sticky weather does not help either - unable to do anything involving wool or lots of movement.
Cannot believe I used to be a one project girl. Than I added something tiny to my bag to stitch in traffic jams and waiting rooms. Later I started a small project for my weekends when I go visit parents or go on vacations. A month ago I added one more big project - one to stitch in the mornings, another for afternoons.
Now I have this:
Morning Dimensions

Afternoon XiuCrafts

Two evening projects 

Something simple for weekends

Plus Pemin minis for my bag (everything is ready for the first stitch).
Isn't this crazy?!


  1. I love that they all have their scheduled purpose. I usually have a "stupid" knitting or crochet project for when I am around other people but I never thought to have different times of day or weekday vs weekend projects. Maybe I should try it and see what happens.

  2. Oh, wow....that's not crazy. That's amazing!!!

  3. Makes PERFECT sense to me. All of your projects are beautiful!