Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Tour de Fleece

I cannot actually participate in TDF as I am not such a confident spinner and have not much to spin. But most of all, I have no TV channels to whatch Tour de France.
However, I can spin while everyone is TDFleecing. 
For this I've picked my first hand carded locks. I bought 3 oz. of Rainbow fleece to accompany my first cards, separated locks by colour and carded them. I have some doubts that I did everything right but at least I did my best.


I tried to spin them picking up at random using what I think is long draw.
Not entirely happy. I was planning to make singles but it seems that I am spinning them too thin, again! 
And the yarn is kind of itchy. Will see...


  1. That's a pretty pile of rolags! I'm not getting much spinning done either in spite of having the Tour on all day-they repeat it over and over here. I am challenging myself to try new things when I do get the time and that for me is what it's all about.

  2. So the rolls above, made the yarn on the spindle??? I never would have guessed that is what it would look like.

    Do you not have a television? OR you don't get cable out where you live? I didn't have a TV when Steve and I met, but he soon fixed that. He does love his sports (and now, so do I).

    1. No good sport tv, and our dish suffered from the wind. I watch news on youtube and now flosstube keeps me busy.