Wednesday, July 27, 2016


What I like about cross-stitching is that this is a relatively mindless job. You have a pattern to follow and  holes to stick your needle into, you just need a bit of counting.
Embroidery is a different matter. In my case - I never know where the needle should go and how to make everything to look nice and neat. 
Cross-stitching brings me piece of mind, embroidery is hard work and I am never satisfied with the result.
I've just found a bag I embroidered back in 2007 and I am thinking - why I was so hard on myself, it looks rather pretty (but for the strange dark green lines on the leaves).


  1. So true. I wouldn't even attempt embroidery. I did some crewel work years ago and it wasn't terrible. It was of a cute little mouse knitting and darn if a real mouse didn't eat the linen right out of the frame.

  2. Oh, and I forgot to say your embroidery is amazing! I can't even...

  3. It is GORGEOUS! OH my, all those french knots. They are exquisite! The lilies of the valley are adorable!