Monday, October 3, 2016


How do I know that the  winter is really coming (or at least autumn)? The moment I feel comfortable enough to dig out my wooly crafty projects.

The pink shawl is slowly moving along. More than a half is woven.

Half of the Mondrian latch hook rug is waiting for its second half since April.

A lot needs to be done with the Vermont Winter hooked rug. It came to a halt after unexpectedly I ran out of black wool. I guess this means that I did something wrong, probably, I hooked a bit too tight. Another worry is that I may run out of other colours too.

And the last wooly thing. My nice and warm KnitPicks Palette socks need mending. I may try to sqeeze another year out of them. 


  1. Beautiful projects. Your weaving project is so delicate!!! Lovely!

  2. I keep forgetting I have those socks somewhere in the stash. They are gorgeous!!!!