Saturday, October 15, 2016

Stitching update. October 2016

Going down with my WIPs.
Only seven at this very moment.
1. Mirabilia's Stargazer - ready to be beaded

2. Patchwork sampler - 1/3 is done, working on page 6. 

3. Nice to have some faces on the Animal Advent Calendar from BrookesBooks

4. Some little progress on TW Tea Scene - just 4 hours during this month.

5. Even less progress on XiuCrafts Wisteria - the same 4 hours but it takes more effort.

6. Weekend progress on Naturlich Rot cushion top II - working on the second corner.

7. And the tiniest progress on Permin mini, looks like tree (?)


  1. I love seeing your progress posts!

  2. They are all beautiful. Patchwork Sampler looks like it is fun to stitch.