Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Stitching update. November 2016

1. Patchwork sampler. 2/3 are done. Down to the last row of pages.

2. Pretty, pretty animals. Doing the third hour on them. Animal Advent Calendar from Brooke's Books.

3.Weekend project. The third corner of the second cushion is half done. Zweigart  Naturlich Rot leaflet.

4.Just five hours added to TW Tea Scene.

5. XiuCrafts Wisteria. Strange thing - the same five hours but much less progress. Leaves, leaves, and more leaves...

6. And the tiniest project - Permin mini. I have a fence!


  1. The symmetry of that first project really speaks to me. Love the TW too. Her shadings are amazing!

  2. Oh.....that teapot makes my heart sing!