Thursday, June 29, 2017

Keslyn's Itty-Bitty's

My first StitchMaynia start. Keslyn's Itty-Bitty's. Stitched on 25 ct. Lugana 1 over 1.
I wanted to try Mo-Sale's cottons that I so greatly advertised on Floss-tube, so I specially selected 16 colors for the project.

My idea of StitchMaynia was that I would start new block every odd day of the month.
Here is my Maynia result:

In June I was finishing 2x2 groups.
Group I: Ariel, Pocahontas, Ratcliffe and Gryffindor.

Group II: Han, Tweedle Dee & Dum, Snow White and White Rabbit.

Group III: Merida, Caterpillar, Snitch and Hagrid.

Group IV: Slytherin, Cheshire Cat, Lilly and Patronus.
Slitherin was a bad choice on white.

Finished on 22 June 2017.
1 May - 22 June 2017.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful!!! Floss Tube is dangerous to the pocketbook. Every time I watch one I have to go buy something I saw.