Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Stitch Maynia

I was really manic in May.
First time participated in StitchMaynia and I loved it.
The idea was to stitch one of 16 blocks of Keslyn's Itty-Bitty's every odd day of the month and have new start on every even one. I did everything as planned. And even managed to have a coupe of small finishes and a huge one!

Keslyn's Itty-Bitty's monthly project. I used Mo-Sale's cottons which I bought specially for this pattern.

And my finishes.
Mill Hill Christmas Village Inn (4March-16May 2017).

Prairie Schooler Folk Egg No 3 (6-19 May 2017).

My usual Joyful World Calendar installment - June (18-26 May 2017).

And on the last day of May - my pride and joy - Teresa Wenzler's Tea Scene. This was my carry-over from the last year and I am so glad I finished it. It is a wonderful pattern but at the same time is a very complicated one (12 July 2016 - 31 May 2017).

Maynia was both fun and a challenge. I'll be showing my other pieces as soon as I finish them.


  1. Wow, wow, wow!!!! I was watching all the Maynia Flosstube videos and was amazed at how many projects people were doing at one time.

  2. What an amazing bunch of pieces you have been stitching! I am glad you enjoyed it! I enjoyed seeing your projects. :)