Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cafe Grande Mug Rugs

I am advancing on my table loom mastering four shafts.
Time for more complicated staff.
My second project - Cafe Grande Mug rugs from Handwoven Issue 130.

I used all of my 3/2 cotton stash and some available Noho colours to weave multicoloured coasters.
My warp for eight rugs miraculously produced ten, but... I do not complain.
It took less than two weeks from start to finish - 11-23 April 2013.

April 2013


  1. Very nice! I´m glad I have found you and your blog (pinterest helps me). I like weaving. I am a begginer weaver. I learn it from the others on net. So thank you for sharing. Greetings from the Czech Rep.

    1. Thank you.
      I visited and enjoyed a lot of different craft blogs. So, one day I decided to start my own, hoping it will inspire someone.

  2. мои любимые полотенечки!