Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kitchen towels. First year with Schacht Flip rigid heddle loom 4/9

Next project - more additions: second heddle, thinner yarn, twill.
I used two 10 dent heddles (20 epi) and 16/2 unmercerised natural cotton plus 10/2 cotton for borders, all doubled.

Again it was more of a training than real product weaving.
I wanted to check what kind of twill my rigid heddle loom can produce.

The idea was to weave two small towels alternating 20 picks of plain weave and 20 picks of 1/3 twill.
I love the result, especially softness of the unmercerised cotton.

Finished April 2012
As usual I had some extra warp left, so I decided to weave till the very end with plain weave.
As at that period I was learning Huck embroidery on Monk cloth, and I noticed that doubled ends of the towels produced similar structure.
Huck Embroidery. March-April 2012
Why not check whether it is possible to embroider on my fresh-from-loom towel?

It worked!

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